5 Steps To Transition Clients To Referral Partners

Julie C. Nichols General

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In this article we’re going to discuss the fatal mistake of skimming, pulling out all the stops to establish a relationship with a customer, then bailing out on the marriage. It’s doing all that needs to be done to earn a sale, then doing nothing to keep a client.

Avoiding the mistake of skimming in your relationships is a matter of moving your business from a reliance on prospecting to a reliance on partnering. Salespeople who are perpetually on top know that it takes a selling symphony to create a never-ending crescendo of sales success.

Here are five steps to transition the relationship from client to referral partner.

As you consider each of the following steps, keep in mind that this system is not only meant to be applied to every client you have now; it’s also meant to be applied to every client you will have in the future.

STEP 1: Take Inventory

Determine your existing clients’ value. Who are your lead players—your clients who can give you loads of their own business and also lots of referral business? Who are your accompanying players— your clients who may not provide you with big business, but who can provide you with consistent business in the form of repeat or referral sales? And which players don’t make the cut? These are your clients who are either high maintenance or low profit or both.

You’re the conductor of this symphony, so only you can define who is fit to play and who isn’t.

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