5 Tips for Moving with Kids

Julie C. Nichols General

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Moving makes me shudder. Moving with kids? Possibly the stuff that nightmares are made of! However, there are ways to have a more peaceful move for you and your family while still allowing the proper place for grief. Focusing on the following will help.

1. Downsizing:

There was a time in my life where in a span of nine years, I moved fifteen times! Yes, they were tough but I learned how to downsize! There is something freeing about going through every item you have and deciding whether you really need it or not. The same goes with children! As you help younger ones go through their toys, you can set aside the ones they haven’t played with in a year or two (in good condition) and tell them how joyful another child will be to get that toy, or those clothes that truly are too small. It also allows you, as a family, to reminisce about fun times and sharing some laughter! Remember, downsizing is healthy and makes for an easier move.

2. New destination:

Whether it is a new city, state or country, focusing on the exciting things about your new destination will help with the move. Every few days, spend time in the evenings as a family and research what festivals, museums, and farms are in your new location, and make a bucket list of what you want to see and do when you arrive. The research also helps relieve some stress after packing day after day. And, there is something to look forward to – the hope of something exciting and new.

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