A Letter to CFPB. New Home Builders Violate RESPA with Lenders!

Julie C. Nichols General

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For Decades, some New Home Builders have required consumers to use “in-house” lenders. Based on the CFPB’s decision regarding the Prospect mortgage case, New Home Builders are non-compliant. For decades, New Home Builders have required consumers to get pre-qualified with “in-house” lenders. Based on the Prospect ruling, New Home Builders are again, non-compliant. Lenders, Realtors, and Consumers, have been putting up with this behavior for decades. We believe it’s time for the CFPB to put an end to this illegal behavior.

>> Watch the video here: https://mortgageshots.com/letter-cfpb-new-home-builders-violate-respa-lenders/

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