Analysis Shows Women's Credit in Better Shape than Men's

Julie C. Nichols General

MBA Newslink – Mike Sorohan

A “great debt divide” exists between men and women, a survey from Experian, Costa Mesa, Calif., reported yesterday, with women clearly stretching their dollars and using credit more wisely than men.

The Experian analysis of credit scores, average debt, utilization ratios, mortgage amounts and mortgage delinquencies of men and women in the United States showed that while national credit scores only vary slightly–a one point difference–other differences demonstrate that women make much more creditworthy customers.

On average, the analysis said:

• Men have 4.3 percent more debt than women;

• Men have a 2 percent higher credit utilization amount;

• Mortgage loan amounts for men are 4.9 percent higher; and

• Men have a higher incidence of late mortgage payments by 7 percent

“Women working full-time in the United States earn approximately 23 percent less income than men, but…women are taking steps to manage their finances better than men,” said Michele Raneri, vice president of analytics with Experian. “The most notable difference is that men are taking bigger individual mortgage loans than women.

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