Housing Outlook 2014: 10 Predictions From The Experts

Julie C. Nichols General

Forbes – Erin Carlyle

In 2013, the housing recovery was a welcome bright spot for the economy: prices were shooting up, fewer homeowners were underwater, and builder confidence was finally on the upswing. It’s looking like 2014 should be another good year for housing–mostly. Here are ten things housing experts expect to see in 2014:

1. More homes will be available.

2. Mortgage rates will rise.

3. Mortgages will be easier to get.

4. Home prices will rise 3.00%.

5. Fewer homeowners will be underwater.

6. Affordability will decline.

7. Ownership will decline.

8. Americans will move.

9. Foreclosures will fade.

10. Home buying process less crazed.

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