More rate changes from the Fed. Here’s your update!

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 As expected, the Fed increased policy rates by a quarter percent at their June meeting. They surprised us by saying they will likely raise rates two additional times this year, where we had previously expected just one more hike in 2018. Please read on for more:

 Remind me—who is the Fed?

The Federal Reserve Board (the Fed), controls the Fed Fund Rate and the Discount Rate. These are charges for overnight loans from bank to bank or from the Fed to member banks.

 What does an increase mean for regular people?
• It could cause banks to increase their “prime rates,” which are often used to calculate interest on consumer products like credit cards, private student loans, and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs). Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) may be directly impacted as well.
• Fixed mortgages are typically based on long-term rates, which are not directly affected by Fed rate changes. However, Fed policy does influence mortgage rates, which can rise in anticipation of future Fed action. There are exceptions, yet home loan rates will typically follow overall interest rate trends over time. 

 How can I help?

I’m tracking the changes carefully and am happy to keep you informed whenever you like.  Go to today!