Will Dodd-Frank Save Capitalism?

Julie C. Nichols General

The Washington Post – Robert Samuelson

Throughout history, the government has stepped into intervene a few times to save capitalism, including when former President Woodrow Wilson created the Federal Reserve in 1913 to improve financial stability. According to Robert Samuelson in a blog on The Washington Post, Dodd-Frank might not have been so inevitable, with America incapable of focusing on more than one issue at once. Samuelson is cited as saying the American political culture is not good at multitasking; we tend to let the most controversial topic of the moment take up all the room for discussion and debate. In his blog, Samuelson states two potential problems with the Dodd-Frank Act: it may have gone overboard and it could perversely worsen financial instability. He commented saying that the added caution of banks could impede a dynamic economy. Additionally, the tightened powers could restrict the government if another crisis occurred. However, in the end, Samuelson noted that it could be years before the act is put to the test.

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